#1 ranked app from the iOS AppStore is a password-stealing malware.

Today I finally managed it to decrypt the  “suspect” network packed from the top ranked iOS app “Who Cares With Me – InstaDetector“. As I had a closer look to the iOS app I found out that the app steals the Instagram password&username to send it encrypted to “unknown” servers. The “password-stealing” algorithm and the encryption seems to[…]

Hacking a hacker – InstaAgent developer Turker Bayram strikes back.

UPADTE: iOS Version steals password too. “Who Cares With Me – InstaDetector“ is also affected. Read more. Last week the InstaAgent developer “Turker Bayram” released a new app for the Android and iOS AppStore, after his (malicious) app “InstaAgent” was pulled by Apple&Google from their AppStores. I was astonished that Apple and Google didn’t have a[…]


InstaAgent Summary

[wpfib]   discovered InstaAgent two days ago in the top charts of the iOS AppStore. I was wondering how they could provide Informations that Instagram couldn’t or would not. I’ve downloaded the App, as expected the App was showing me some “strange” information about my “top” Instagram visitors. That was suspicious. So I analysed the[…]